Resources – Video and Print

Many moms have never seen anyone prepare their breasts for latching on a baby. Below are two very short tutorial videos that might be helpful.

If the areola is tight and full, reverse pressure softening can help release pressure against the ducts, allowing the milk to flow more easily. This is especially important during early lactation or when too much time has elapsed between feedings and the breasts are over full.

Once the areola is softened, it is sometimes helpful to express some milk before latching the baby. Here is a short video on that.

Some moms find themselves in a situation where they are separated from baby or either baby or mom are unable to breastfeed – but want to preserve and build milk supply until they can be together again.

Here is a video from Stanford on Building Milk Supply through Hands-On Pumping.  Copy and paste the following link into your browser if the video does not come up immediately.

Sometimes there are situations where baby must be fed using a bottle. Sometimes formula use is necessary. Here are two resources that may be printed and used as references for use of these breastfeeding substitutes with safety and preserving the breastfeeding relationship in mind.

Baby-Led Bottlefeeding

Here is a video showing a baby around 8 weeks being taught how to use a Dr. Brown’s bottle and paced feeding technique.

Baby-Led Paced Bottle-Feeding

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